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bonnie baird

about the artist

Bonnie Baird paints the landscape that surrounds and holds her.


Raised on a 730-acre dairy farm in Vermont, she and her husband Robert are the third generations to own and work their dairy/maple farm. This outdoor experience has given her a deep connection with the land. Working in the natural environment every day in every kind of weather allows her to truly feel the horizon; warm or cold, dark or light, intimate or expansive. 


Baird's paintings are filled with an emerging fullness of heart. In her paintings, light infuses life into atmosphere, becoming the magic that conjures a personal memory. Her paintings simultaneously evoke a simple lament and heartfelt joy. 


Using limited palette and large simple shapes, Baird composes more than a visual observation. Her work is a perceptual experience: an intrinsic, vivid memory. 

oil paintings
available work
available work
sold work
sold work
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